My first month as a teaching assistant…

Hey lovelies! I always seem to lose motivation when it come to writing a blog post. I start one and just don’t think it’s good enough so I just don’t post it. However, I’ve given myself a bit of a kick and want to share with you my first month in my new job. I want to talk about being 22 and doing an apprenticeship and also, where I will be going with my career.

So, it’s been about 5 weeks that I’ve been in my new job and it’s taken some adjustment. I work 8:45 until 3:15 every day and I love it. It’s a short day but it’s packed full of challenges and I’m constantly busy either helping students or teachers. I assist with schoolwork, preparation in the classroom, guided reading groups, going swimming with my year group and currently we are putting on a performance of Oliver, but there is so much more on top of that. It’s manic but I wouldn’t change it.

Every other Tuesday I have to go to college to do some work out of the classroom. Because my training provider is about an hour and a half away we all go to a centre in the middle of our town. I’ve only had one college session so far but I’ve met some other TA’s that are lovely. They are all from different schools but we all get on really well. It’s nice to talk to them about their experiences and advise, along with their career plans!

It’s weird to be 22 and be doing an apprenticeship, it’s not very good money and I feel like I did at 17 when I started my first apprenticeship – young and inexperienced. I find it difficult not overstepping the mark in work, thinking I’m already qualified and know it all because of my age. I’m given the same respect as everyone else but I have to stop myself and remember that there’s so much I still have to learn.

As I don’t have any a levels I was completely worried about what I’d do after this apprenticeship, where would I go? How would I achieve my desired career? Well, luckily I have a training advisor that knows it all. It turns out that I don’t actually need a levels to continue and go to university. I want to become a primary school teacher so obviously I need to go to university for that. There are 4 options I have been given: go to university and study as a mature student, do a level 3 apprenticeship and go to uni after that, a local college offers a part time teaching degree or I can opt for long distance learning – Open University. Before I had a conversation about university, I never knew any of this.

So, now the question is, do I love what I do and do I still want to pursue a career in Primary Education? The answer is, yes I love what I do and I can really see myself continuing and getting my degree. It’s taken me a long time to decide what I want to do with my life but I think I finally have decided.

It feels amazing to finally be in a job I love and even though an apprenticeship is a hard route financially I’m glad I took the jump to do it. My advise to anyone would be go after what it is you want. Happiness is so deserved by anyone and there is always financial help you can get if you did decide to choose education! Education is so important and I’m glad that at the age of 22 I’ve decided to not give up on that or myself.

Thanks for reading! Xx

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