Starting from the bottom… Again…

Hey lovelies! So, a couple of post ago I shared my goals for 2019, I also mentioned that I had a few secret goals. I am here to announce that I in fact have completed one of my invisible goals! I had a few things to confirm before jumping on the blog and sharing it with you all but now I’ve got everything set I can let you all in!

I have secrets goals every year that I don’t like to share as they are my “step forward” targets. I decided last year that I needed to decide on a career and I needed to work on it. I wrote down a list of careers I’d love to do and one of my top choices was teaching. I’ve always wanted to teach but I wasn’t sure what age group, what subject or how to even get there. It was then I realised its time to take the leap and attempt to grab the bulk by the horns, if I continued to ponder over whether I could do this I would never do it.

I spent a long time looking into what I had to do, looking on job sites too. One day I came across a Teaching assistant apprenticeship, and it was 2 minutes away from my house! As I haven’t yet passed my driving test I didn’t actually expect to find something I could do until the end of the year. I took the chance and applied. My fingers were crossed, I prayed I wasn’t too old or exempt from doing another apprenticeship. Lo and behold I got the interview, something that I did not expect. I cautiously accept the interview, prepared myself and attended.

Now, in case anyone didn’t know – I am 22 and I have already completed an apprenticeship in Business and Administration. I wasn’t sure I’d be accepted at all but I did! I got the job! I handed in my notice with my current employers and took my first step towards my dream career. I will be training to become a teaching assistant which is a huge step in the right direction and I’m very nervous but excited.

I’ve been asked by a lot of people whether I would be too old to complete an apprenticeship – the answer is no, up until the age 24 you can partake in an intermediate apprenticeship, once you pass that age you could be eligible for higher level funding. Another question was that if I have already completed one apprenticeship, can I actually do another? The answer to that is yes! You can take multiple apprenticeships. You can’t take the same level and qualification as you have previously done but you can do the same level in a different field or a higher level in the same field as previous!

With all of this knowledge in mind I now blindly stepping into my future and showing Kiah that there is always a way to achieve your dreams! I am excited to begin this new journey and I will keep you posted with regular updates!

I would love to hear of other people’s experiences when it came to starting off their careers!

Thanks for reading! Xxx

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