Starting off 2019…

Hey lovelies! I’ve been seeing many posts about how everyone is looking forward to 2019 and how this will be their year. I feel exactly the same, in fact, I look forward to the first day of the New Year the most. I don’t know if anyone else lives by the rule of how you spend the first day of the New Year is how you’ll spend the yest of the year but I do. So I wanted to share with you a few things I’ll be doing on 1st January 2019!

  1. I will be in and out of the house working. I know, not ideal and probably not how I’ll want to spend the rest of the year, but what I will be doing is working with positive thoughts! That way, the rest of 2019 I should be working with positive thoughts.
  2. Cleaning. I’ll change my bed sheets on New year’s eve, however, I will get stuck into the rest of my cleaning on 1st January. I won’t spend all of my time whilst I’m not at work cleaning but I will be going to bed with a clean flat that night.
  3. Decluttering. This goes hand in hand with cleaning. Whilst I’ll clean I’ll be getting rid of/sorting through things I just don’t need anymore – an old catalogue, paperwork, shoes and clothes…
  4. Go for a walk. We try and do this every new year even if it’s just half an hour! We all get out and go for a walk in the fresh air!
  5. Start a journal. I did this last January and it was dedicated to my first month of grief so this year I am going to try and continue it for the following months.
  6. Drink water. Starting the year off by drinking water (hungover or not) gives your healthy brain cells a bit of a kick I think. Once you complete your 2 litres of water on the first day you should find it easier the second day and hopefully the rest of the month. If you complete the first month it should become a habit to drink 2 litres of water a day!

These are the things I’ll be doing on New year’s day! They are the important things I want to keep up for the whole of 2019 and hopefully I will!

I would love to know if anyone else lives by this rule. Let me know what you’ll be starting the year off doing! Do you have any NYD traditions?

Thanks for reading! Xx

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