Hey lovelies! Christmas is over and now it’s time to plan for my 2019. As Delilah’s birthday is 29th December it’s really given me motivation to make 2019 better and for her to watch us have a better year. 2017 and 2018 were the hardest years of my life so far, there is no way that next year will slip by me without it being a good year.Next year will be a time of growth, lessons and love. I’m going to work on myself more than I ever have. I wanted to share with you some of my goals – I’m keeping a few private. So here goes:

  1. I’ve planned to exercise more and find a new firm of exercises which keeps me interested in working on my body – there is no way I can even think about another baby until I have got my body into a healthy state. That’s one of my biggest goals next year definitely and I can’t wait to see the results!
  2. I’ve made a promise to myself that I will pass my driving test next year! I don’t want to talk about it that much as I normally jinx myself with stuff like this. It’s important to me that I focus on my driving and pass my test, it will open more opportunities, allow for more travel and to see more of our families, alongside being really helpful in the long run.
  3. I really want to cook more! Let’s be honest, I am a terrible cook. Gareth does the majority of the cooking in our home and I want that to change. I see cooking as a huge chore and I want to get past that, especially if I want to become healthier!
  4. It’s a priority to get my finances in order. I am a sucker for over spending and under budgeting. I’ve decided that this is no longer! Budgets will be put in place, spending will be limited and by the time the New Year ends I will be better off financially!
  5. This is probably something on everyone’s list that they always say they’ll do because they think it’s super simple, when actually it’s quite hard to find the time for – I want to read more. When I was younger, reading was a huge part of my life and somehow I have just stopped reading. I think it’s something to do with looking through social media instead of switching off and enjoying a good book! So I want to have that part of my life back again – my escapism.
  6. My last one (that isn’t a private goal) is I want to take more photos. That’s it. I haven’t taken many this year so next year I want to have a while tonne of photos to look back on!

So that’s a few of my New Years resolutions that I am sharing with you. Hopefully throughout the year I’ll be able to update you with all of the things I’ve achieved! Because I guess that’s another thing I’m planning on doing, blogging more which is what helps me with my grief and mental health!

I would love to hear your New Years resolutions!

Thanks for reading! Xx

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