The Truth About Being A Care Assistant…

Hey lovelies! I’m on a roll this week aren’t I. A second post? Normally we are waiting a while for the next post. But hey! I’m feeling motivated to share with you bits and pieces from my life! One part of my life that I haven’t really elaborated on is my work life. Its not like I’m purposely keeping it hush hush, I’m just genuinely not allowed to share personal information. Therefore, I had no idea what to say about it! Then came an idea… What’s your job like? Do you enjoy your job? What exactly do you have to do? Now, I can’t share any specifics (obviously) but I can answer these questions! So, here’s the truth about being a care assistant…

Primarily, I am a domiciliary care assistant which means I care for the elderly in their own home. It’s basic day to day care that I give: preparing meals, making sure meds are taken, washing, dressing and most importantly interacting with my clients. I could be the only person that they see all day so I try my hardest to be positive and make them laugh! I have some very personal conversations with my clients that I won’t share but to me that’s such an important part of being a carer.

I do residential care as well as part of my overtime which I love. I love it because its a change of scenery and a change of responsibilities. People in residential care usually need more assistance so the work can be more physical: assist with walking, going to the toilet, helping them in and out of bed. Both roles however are very demanding.

Before I started my role I didn’t actually have any idea what a care assistant really did (as stupid as that may sound) but I didn’t think it would be as hard as it is. What do you mean hard? Well let me tell you! It’s a physical job so I get aches and pains all over my body. It’s demanding, it requires a lot of time and a lot of attention – that’s not including the training we have to do. It’s mentally draining. Yes, I said it. It can drain you. Just imagine how much we have to take in each day, what we have to deal with. Some times I come home so tired that I’m asleep before I see 10pm!

The truth is, it is a hard job and the pay is just not enough! Does that stop me from going and doing everything I have to do to my fullest potential? No it doesn’t. I need to do this job. I need to care for the people that rely on me. I put aside my own feelings and I get on with my work. I care for people and that’s simply it. I spend a lot of my time out of the house, I rarely put Kiah to bed and I miss a lot of her day. As a care assistant I sacrifice a lot of my family time, social time and personal time.

Not every client you come across is nice or always in a good mood. Some people can be quite rude. In all honesty, I deal this in the best way I can, I am kind and polite. It’s tough when a client isn’t in the mood to see you but you have to remember that you are there for them. I always try my best to fix a situation and get to the bottom of why they may be unhappy at that particular time. Most of the time they have a valid reason, other times they are fed up. I try and make their lives easier and I try and make them feel better. When you achieve that, you really do see exactly how much you make a difference to these peoples lives.

Being a care assistant is not easy. It is not glamorous. That’s the truth. Its a hard job and you have to have the right attitude, the right work ethic and the right mentality to do it. It is not as easy as I thought it would be but I am good at it. My clients enjoy my company and their relatives tell me that I do a good job and they appreciate what I do.

Do I enjoy my job? In all honesty, not all of the time. Some days I wish I was a stay at home mom, looking after my daughter and not missing a single thing she did. I suppose, that’s not really that I dislike my job, more the fact that I dislike missing out on Kiah’s life! So I guess, yes, I do like my job. I get to meet knew people, I face challenges I wouldn’t face anywhere else, I learn daily. And that’s the truth about being a care assistant.

I’d love to know if there are any care assistants out there that want to share just what it’s like to do what we do! Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading! Xx

One thought on “The Truth About Being A Care Assistant…

  1. I have worked in shops, food industry, warehouses, factories, offices, literally loads of places and I also worked in a nursing home and 10yrs later I worked as a domicilary and I can say 100% the work is rewarding but can be very draining and some days it’s hard to leave work problems at work! Especially if you lose a resident which inevitably happens regularly, Sometimes you bring it home you can’t help it. I’ve even been punched in my stomach while I was pregnant with my daughter but he had dementia and he had no clue what he was doing. As you know my daughter Jenna is also a nursing assistant she gets very good money I think for a 17yr old £8.50-£17 an hour depending if its overtime, take home about £1100 a month I think she’s doing great, and so are you Chlo!! Lots of love to you xxx


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