Will there be another baby?

Hey lovelies! I’m back again with another post. Another post about baby life. I know I know, I promise I’ll start blogging about other things soon but right now this is my life. One of the questions I get asked quite often is will you and Gareth have another baby in the future? The answer is – we hope so! So, because I find myself explaining a lot about the run up towards even trying to conceive, I thought I’d do a post with some information for you all. At least then it’s all in one place and may answer all questions I get asked revolving around this particular subject.

Life after baby loss is a massive blur, there’s no plan anymore, it’s day by day. Originally I had my heart set on starting to try and conceive from September of this year but Gareth wasn’t ready… Turns out I wasn’t either! I’ve decided that before we try for another baby I need to be driving. I have to pass my driving test! Purely for the fact of ease… And hospital appointments. There will be so many hospital appointments. At the moment that is my number 1 goal.

Secondly, Gareth has to be back at work before we start trying too. Currently, as many people will know, Gareth is a stay at home dad. The convenience of him being at home is amazing, no childcare fees, housework done, mental health being repaired. He is in fact more than ready to go back to work and very very eager, but we’ve made a realistic plan. Where we live there aren’t many employment opportunities so travel costs will be through the roof (add that on top of childcare costs, I dare you to begin to imagine how much money we’d be paying out). Our plan is for me to save money – which is easier than I thought it would be – to get Gareth a basic motorbike and pass his CBT. That way the cost of travel will have shrunk to a mere fraction of what it would be.

Another thing I want to focus on is this body of mine. I am not in the fittest state and I want to work on that so I can have a healthy body for pregnancy! No, my body didn’t have anything to do with Delilah’s death but I would feel more comfortable knowing that our baby is growing in a healthy body. So you know what that means? Good bye take outs, hello green beans.

The last important thing I need to prepare is my mental health. I am no longer so naive to believe that every pregnancy I will have will be guaranteed a living breathing baby at the end. Now, in my mind, the image of bringing home a baby seems quite impossible. I can’t imagine bringing a baby out of the hospital in a car seat, only bringing a baby out of a funeral home in a coffin. Obviously, there is a possibility that another baby could die, no one is “safe” from baby loss. But, I do know that my mental health won’t help the situation. I can’t let my depression and anxiety get in the way of hope for another baby. This is the big one I need to work on!

So, I guess the answer to the question is – let us work on what we need to work on and then we can concentrate properly on the conception and hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) growth and healthy birth of another baby. Because let’s face it, me and Gareth deserve to raise another baby and Kiah deserves to be a big sister again!

I really hope that this blog post has answered the question a lot of people have asked! If there are anymore questions regarding this topic, please leave a comment!

Thanks for reading! Xx

*Featured picture is Delilah’s bump*

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