How I deal with my anxiety and depression…. 

Hey lovelies! I haven’t really spoken about my depression and anxiety properly since I wrote my last post dedicated to my mental health. I won’t sit here and write about all the terrible things that have happened this year, everything that has gone wrong, I don’t want this to be a negative post. I want this to be the opposite, I want to write a very positive, helpful post. 

On my social media I am very open when I am struggling with my depression and anxiety because I feel like if I am honest about it maybe it will help someone else to be honest about theirs. Maybe it will save a life, get someone else to speak or talk about how they feel! Due to me being quite open I do have people come to me and ask for ways to make it better, they ask me for coping strategies.

Before I start talking about my strategies I want to disclose that I am in no way a psychiatrist or psychologist much as I’d love to be one. Please do not self diagnose or depend on my tips to help you overcome your mental illness. They are only written here to help. 

So, here is a list of things that I do to help me cope, or reduce my anxiety and depression –

  • Writing – I dedicate time to write whether it be on my blog, in my journal, on quotev or even on social media. It makes me feel more alive when I place thoughts onto paper.
  • Reading – equally, reading is an escape. It allows me to forget about my own thoughts and imagine a world that has been created by someone else’s mind.
  • Making lists – I don’t count this as writing as I also list things out loud. I like to list anything can think of ; holidays, food shopping, career plan, baby shopping, Christmas gifts, blog post ideas, room inspiration, what makes me happy. Anything and everything I put it in a list.
  • Have a bath – having a bath always decreases my heart rate and makes me feel as though I am washing away my bad thoughts. It gives me time to wash my hair, wash my face and feel completely fresh again.
  • Have a cup of tea and biscuits – being a mom, this is a huge treat. To drink a hot cup of tea and have some biscuits too is something I can’t do often so I always feel really relaxed when I do get to have a cup of tea.
  • Watch Legally Blonde – this film gives me so much motivation. Elle Woods’ determination always makes me feel better. A lot of the time I get depressed because I think I am failing and not getting anywhere in life, I watch this film and realise I can be a bad ass too!
  • Go for a walk – this especially helps me if it’s freezing cold outside. I feel so much more fresh once I have taken a quick walk in the cold weather, I’m not sure what it is but it really helps.
  • Tell yourself that this is temporary – this is so important. Where you are now is a temporary situation. I am always telling myself it is temporary and things will get better and guess what! I believe myself. I feel more positive, my anxiety crawls back into its tiny, dark fortress and I continue with my day!
  • Allow yourself to feel crap – you’re human. You’re designed to be sensitive and emotional. You are not designed to be perfect. You must learn to work with what you have got. If you feel down then try and pinpoint why, try and find a source of your depression and anxiety. Allow yourself time to understand that yes, this is a shit time, but you’re human! You need to have shit times to have fantastic times.
  • Talk about it – I used to bottle everything up. It meant I dealt with it in ways I shouldn’t have. I’d hurt myself and that wasn’t fair! Find someone, anyone, and open up. Whether it’s a family member, a teacher, work colleagues, a random person on the Internet. Please, do not keep it all inside!

These are my tips on how I battle my negative mental health and I hope and pray that they at least help one of you. Please, share this with someone, leave a tip you have below! You could help someone feel so much better! I am always available to talk to if you follow the link to my Facebook on my social media bar. 

I am also going to leave the Samaritans text number which you can use to get help. I have used them and it really helped me! The number is 07725909090.

Thanks for reading! Xx

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