How we’ll prepare for Christmas next year… 

Hey lovelies! So, December is fast approaching, I have no idea where November has even disappeared to! We’ve nearly finished our Christmas shopping and we have our Christmas food list ready! However, even though we are nearly finished, this Christmas has seemed to drain us slightly. We know it’s because we moved, had to buy a new carpet, I haven’t been working as much and we’ve also had to buy baby items. With having another little girl next year, we’ve decided to plan out how to make it a little bit easier for us! So, here’s our plan on how we’ll prepare for Christmas next year!

  • Asda gift cards – each month we will be putting a minimum of £10 on an Asda gift card, when it comes to December we’ll have at least £120 to spend on food and drinks, gifts or decorations. It will make the December month easier for us! We can do a bulk shop or buy extra gifts!
  • Buying Christmas presents throughout the year – we wanted to do this this year but we had so much going on that we didn’t. Next year we want to get at least 1 present a month for each of the girls. That way we’ll be spreading the cost and we can possibly buy a little bit more!
  • Hit the sales – this year we are struggling to get others presents. That’s something I hate to admit. Next year we will be collecting items through the year for other people but we’ve had a fantastic idea of doing this when there’s a sale on! Lush always have a fantastic sale and so do Superdrug, two of my favourite places to buy gifts for people! This way we can get amazing gifts for a great price!
  • Writing a Christmas list – this is something we haven’t done this year as we just don’t know what we can afford, however, next year we will be creating a list of everyone we need to buy for and a list of items that we could buy. It will make it easier to see who we’ve bought for and what we’ve bought.
  • Set a budget – again, this isn’t something we’ve thought about for Kiah but we definitely will be next year! Her birthday is 11 days before Christmas so we have bought a bunch of presents this year and we will be splitting them so she has a few for her birthday and the rest for Christmas. Next year we will have Kiah’s birthday and then Christmas with one extra child! A budget is definitely something we have to consider!
  • Buy a meat hamper – this is actually something we’ve done this year! It’s a £45 hamper with a turkey and lots of other meats plus a large cheesecake! It will stock up our freezer, cost a fraction of the price and offer us a lot of meals! This is definitely something we will continue throughout the years! 

That’s out plan for next year! We are hoping it will save us some money, allow us to get everything we need and be a good plan that we can continue with throughout the years!

I hope this has offered you all some help! If you have any tips please let me know, we’d love to hear them!!

Thanks for reading! Xx

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