No more negativity… 

Hey lovelies! It’s 16th November and we are officially half way through this month! I cannot believe how good I feel this month. I still have down days but I can’t help that with my depression. However, I have been taking more time in the evenings to take care of myself mentally. I’ve been writing out my dreams and goals, a career plan and how I am going to achieve it, how we will be preparing ourselves financially next year, how we will be preparing for Christmas next year. Writing everything down really helps me and investing time into building a career plan and working out our dreams and goals has made me a lot more positive. So, I just wanted to write a post in honour of saying goodbye to negativity! I’ve also included some motivational images that I’m loving! – They will definitely be going on my motivation board!

I wrote a post regarding not knowing what career path I wanted to take. I was thinking about it really hard and was so stuck with what it was I wanted to do – how do I decide? I took to a Beauty Facebook group as there were lots of lovely people who wanted to talk about building themselves up. I simply asked for career inspiration and how they are getting there/arrived there. The response was crazy. The answers were so dynamic and diverse, it really inspired me! Other moms talking about how they went to college/graduated after having children, it really gave me hope. I decided to jot down all of the careers that interested me and I researched each one of them and looked into what I needed to do. I’ve now narrowed my choices down and am so prepared to study!

The reason I’ve decided to share this little story is because I felt so negative about never finding a career, never being able to study but now I’ve invested some time into thinking about what I want to do I am so much more positive! All it took was sitting down and taking some time to evaluate what my options were.

With having such a negative year I didn’t want to finish on a negative, I wanted to make myself feel so much better! I’ve been saving a lot of images to put on my motivation board, lots of goals to achieve. I won’t be allowing anyone to drag me down and I am battling my depression a natural way.

Another lesson I’m teaching myself is to say goodbye to negative people! If you aren’t in my life to support me or  inspire me, you aren’t going to be in my life. I want to surround myself with people that have goals, dreams and ambitions! Life’s to short to be around negative people that want to drag you down. I used to be one of those people but I am completely changing my mindset, you can’t achieve anything if you don’t have the mindset to match the dreams! 

And most importantly, I am saying goodbye to the negatives for my daughters sake! With so many negatives I can’t achieve what I want and what I want is to show my girls you can have anything if you try hard enough, no matter what. If you want a healthy life then you can  create one, if you want a healthy career then you can create one! One thing I know is that I am more determined now to prove myself and be happy because of my daughters! They inspire me to get what I want!

I hope that this post inspires some of you to kick out that negatives and work towards the positives! I’d love to hear how you transformed the energy around you!

Thanks for reading! Xx

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