We’ve Added One More…. 

Hey lovelies! As you can probably guess from the title and feature photo, this post is all about a little announcement Kiah has!

Kiah is going to be a big sister! She will be expecting her little sister on 19th February 2018. 

We are very excited to be expanding our family with another little lady, even though Gareth is the only male…. Do we have to get him a male dog? I am now 25 weeks and 1 day which means we are well over the half way mark!

So far my pregnancy has gone well, we have a very active little girl and she is extremely healthy. We are low risk which is fantastic as with Kiah I was high risk and had to have a lot more midwife appointments. This pregnancy is a lot more relaxed and it sounds like I am able – as long as everything continues as it has been – to have a water birth, which is what I really wanted to have with Kiah.

I will make sure to keep you all updated on my pregnancy and have a lot of exciting pregnancy related blog posts planned. Thank you to everyone that has congratulated us so far, we appreciate all of the nice words.

Thank you for reading and please enjoy these photos we took in attempt to catch the feature photo! Xx

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