My favourite thing about being a mom… 

Hey lovelies! I was working last night and got home feeling extremely exhausted. I sat down on the sofa, looking at how untidy my living room was from my sister looking after Kiah and realised my life now is looking after a tiny Gareth (Kiah is literally Gareths female twin!) and tidying the flat. I looked at the time, it was 9:30. Kiah would have gone to bed at 7pm and then I wouldn’t talk to her until the morning – unless she woke up. With this thought I started feeling awful. I didn’t put my baby girl to bed, I didn’t say “night night princess, I love you”. I felt awful. A wave of guilt washed over me and I went and gave my baby a kiss in bed. It wasn’t until I went and sat back down that I started to think about the precious moments we have as mothers.

Fathers have their precious moments of course, but I imagine them being slightly different to a mothers. As mothers we chase tiny humans all day, running round non stop. We don’t get to think about ourselves until our little ones are asleep. But still, we are in true love with our children. We get tired and cranky, we lose our (sorry I’m being quite frank) shit! We get hit, ignored or laughed at, but we still have this undying feeling of love and protection. And with that thought I wanted to share with you my favourite things about being a mom – because I still can’t quite acknowledge fully how blessed I truly am.

So, my most favorite thing is when I’ve had the hardest day, my depression and anxiety have over ruled my day and I sit down before Kiah goes to bed and she hugs me. She’s played up all day, she’s ignored me, screamed, cried when she’s been told off, but yet she still she shows me all of her love by wrapping her small body around mine and curling into my chest. It makes all of the struggles seem pointless.

Another thing is hearing someone call you mommy. It’s what I wake up to. It’s what I wake up for. Hearing Kiah call me mommy makes it all worth it.

I can’t get over Kiah telling me she loves me. Whether I have said it first, whether she says it as she’s going to bed or whether she just needs consoling. “I love you mommy” is my favourite thing to hear.

And one more thing is no matter what we are doing together Kiah loves it. It makes her so happy to just be together. We could be watching a film, reading a book, going for a walk or to the shop, having a bath or eating tea, no matter what she loves it. To see her smile or laugh, it’s what I live for. To see her enjoying herself makes me the happiest person alive. I’m so in love with her. 

I could list so many more things that are my favourite but I have a feeling that you wouldn’t stick around until the end! I’m in love with my daughter, I’m in love with being a mom. I would absolutely love to know your favourite thing about being a mom! Leave me a comment below!

Thanks for reading! Xx

P.S please take a look of this photo of Kiah in the bath, she always blinks mid shot! 

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