An Autumn Walk… 

Hey lovelies! Happy 1st November! After a fantastic October I couldn’t wait to see what November would hold! I didn’t want to start November off by doing nothing at all so we went for a nice walk to!

Kiah was equipped with her hat, scarf and gloves. She had her wellies on and her coat and she was ready to go! It wasn’t too cold today so she took her hat off as soon as we got out of the door. With dog in tow we went to meet my friend and her pooch!

With Cece and Milo both being lurchers they need to have a good run so we headed to the fields.

It was nice to have a walk in the cold. I always feel better after having a long walk in the crisp air. We were out for about an hour walking across the fields and Kiah and the dogs loved it! 

And of course! We couldn’t not have a nice autumn walk without an autumnal photo!

We hope you had a lovely 1st November too! Let us know what you have planned for October in the comments!

Thanks for reading! Xx

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