When I Grow Up…

Hey lovelies! It’s a beautiful October morning and I am currently still on snooze mode after a hectic evening last night! This morning I’ve had a lot of career inspiration, whether it’s people announcing their new jobs, promotions they’ve received at 9am this morning or images being posted to Instagram about how people would love to be waking up in the city *insert photo below this paragraph*. It’s really got me thinking about what it is I want to do with my future!

I’m 21 in December and I didn’t finish college due to my depression and anxiety ruining my experience meaning, like most 21 year olds, I haven’t experienced living on a university campus and am close to graduating! Sure, that upsets me but instead I have a beautiful family at the young age of 21! Plus, I have the bug conundrum of what I want to be when I grow up. 

There are just too many exciting jobs I’d love to do and I just can seem to get my head around what it is my career is supposed to be. I don’t think I’ve had my calling yet. I’d love to teach secondary education but if love to be a year 6 teacher. I have always felt like psychology is where my head is but I’m not sure whether I’d just like to study it. I loved working as a sales assistant in an office and would love a job in a huge office with a top job role (the type of jobs that the busy parents have in Christmas films in the big cities). What is it I want to be? 

I wonder if other people have found it hard to decide on their career path? What has it taken the 16 year olds in this works for them to say I want to be a nurse or I’m going to be a magazine editor. How did they decide when I haven’t even decided in what my 2 year old will wear today? Or, when I can’t even decide between Marmite on toast or cheese on toast!? – I’ve just had Marmite and cheese on toast to make it easier. 

But can you do that with a career? Can you say I’ll be a teacher that is also a magazine editor! I don’t think you can because they are careers! Full time jobs! 

My question is this… When will I know what I should study, where my career path is going? How do I go about finding my calling in life? Do I actually have to hire a guru?

I’d love to hear your advice!! 

Thanks for reading! Xx

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