10 Year Plan….

Hey Lovelies! I have just realised… I’m 20! I’ve been living these past few months as a lie, still thinking I’m 19… I mean, I’m going to be 21 in December! So here, is my ultimate 10 year plan! 20… Yikes!

  • Year 1  I want to be debt free! We aren’t in debt really, it’s more that we are paying family members back. I’d love to be “debt” free though by 2018! I want to have started our Help-To-Buy account as well by the end of 2017.
  • Year 2 – I want to pass my driving test. I’ve been putting it off for too long and it’s something that I really need to do! I want to go on our first family holiday abroad. After the year we’ve had this year, it’s definitely something we deserve.
  • Year 3 – I want to have my own car. I want to be in a good that I like and that offers me progression.
  • Year 4 – I want to start my online A level course (there will be a blog post surrounding this so keep your eyes peeled!) I want to have save £2500 in our HTB fund.
  • Year 5 – I want to have completed my first year of A levels with amazing results. 
  • Year 6 – I want to complete my A levels and be applying for university.
  • Year 7 – I want to be attending university and starting my portfolio of voluntary work to help me build my professional career.
  • Year 8 – I want to have published my first​ book. I want to have saved at least £7000 in our HTB fund.
  • Year 9 – I want to be working on my 2nd book. I want to be in my last year at uni.
  • Year 10 – I want to graduate. I want to be applying for jobs in my dream career. I want to have saved at least £10,000 in our HTB fund.

    This is a quick summary of my 10 year plan. I would love to hear your plans! Are they similar? Do you think my goals are set too high? Let me know!

    Thanks for reading! Xx

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