My Money Saving Tips…

Hey Lovelies! It’s getting to the time of year where I am waiting very impatiently for my last day of work before we go on holiday to see my family. We are only going to the Isle of Wight this year (as explained in a previous post) but I really feel like I need the time to relax! With having a holiday in mind I have decided to share with you my top money-saving tips! Here they are…

  1. Cut down on take outs! We were really bad for saying Screw it lets just order in! So now we make our own takeaways at home! We’ve been loving making chicken kebabs in pita bread or just simply having a huge pizza! We’ve saved around £20 a week just by cutting out the take outs!
  2. Hunt for the deals! This is helpful when it comes to buying essentials like wipes or even squash! We try to save money on the essentials by finding money off offers! Recently Tesco had an offer on for 1 box of 6 Johnson’s wipes for £6 or 2 boxes for £7 – I can’t tell you how quickly I snatched that up! They lasted us for about 4 weeks which saved us a bit of money on our shopping trips!
  3. Walk as much as you can! As we don’t drive we are heavily dependant on public transport but recently we’ve been saying a huge NO! to getting a bus or a taxi. We walk to and from work (unless we get a lift back from our boss), we live close to Aldi and Tesco so we walk there and back again with our weekly shop – thank god for our huge basket under the pram!) and we generally try to skip out public transport where we can. This saves us quite a bit of money.
  4. Eat before we go shopping! My mom always told me that if you’re hungry when you go shopping you will buy unneccessary items just because you could eat it in that moment! We’ve started eating lunch just before we go to do our food shop and now we have less junk in our cupboards!
  5. Make a meal plan! I will always make a weekly meal plan so that I know exactly what I need to buy. Again, we won’t be buying anything we don’t need we normally come out spending just short of £30 a week!

These are just some of my money-saving tips! I have a few more to share with you but that will be in our “saving for a house” post which will be up a little bit later this year!!!

If you have any saving tips I’d love to hear them! I am always looking for new ways to save.

Thanks for reading! Xx

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