The Career Hunt…

Hey Lovelies! What a month it has been. I’ve been away trying to adjust to my new job, our new routines and our current financial situation. I am happy to say that I am feeling a lot more positive about life and I am looking forward to everything we have planned in the future! Starting a new job has made me realise that I can’t keep going through my life swapping and changing workplaces. I have taken some time today to sit down and write a small plan entailing what exactly it is that I want to do! I thought I would share it with you all so here goes…

I have worked in a few places doing different things, from babysitting, working in admin and working in a chip shop. I have recently started working in the first chipshop I worked in again and have found it kind of like a safe haven. Whilst I was at work yesterday I started to think I’m back where I started, is this where I want to be? I am usually quite straight with myself, I’ve made it through a lot so I know that I have to do whatever I need to do to make myself happy! My answer was this is not going to be your life. Immediately I knew, this had to be a post on my blog!! It was then that the little metaphorical lightbulb appeared above my head… My blog!

As soon as I got home I sat down and decided that tomorrow (today) I would make a plan to find out exactly what it was that I wanted to do. This is how my plan went –

  • What are my strengths?
  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • What would I like to improve on?
  • How can I turn my hobby into a career?

There were a few other things that I listed but these where the main things I answered. I started to write down the things I am good at, not all of them connected with each other but it was important to me to make it clear that I have a lot of positives! So, here are my answers –

  • My strengths are; I am a good mom, I am a good writer, I am creative, I know how to push myself, I work hard, I use my initiative, I am great at motivating myself and others, I always work towards goals.
  • I enjoy; writing, being with my family, being creative, being inspired by vloggers, keeping my house a home.
  • I would like to improve; my blog, my friendship relationships, my career mind, my home, my book writing plans, my financial position.
  • My hobbies are definitely writing and watching Vloggers on YouTube. The main Vloggers that I watch are family Vloggers. They really inspire me on a day-to-day basis, whether it is cleaning my house, my personal routine or fashion inspiration. I love to write, whether it’s in a journal, novel-writing or writing on my blog. I always have plans for new novel ideas or blog posts but I find it hard to get time to put my ideas down on paper or on my computer. With my new job I have a bit more time to myself so I am definitely going to invest in my creative side. I want to monetise my blog, write a book – maybe an eBook to start?

This is the basic idea of my plan. My creative side is very important to me and as it is something I love I thought it was something that I could turn into a career. I fully believe that you don’t have to be stuck doing something that isn’t your passion just because you aren’t sure whether or not the thing you love will be your main income – take the leap. I think that it is so important to invest in your interests and grow all of the time.

I am going to start putting my plan to action which means you will start to hear from me a lot more! I would love to hear about your personal career aspirations, whether or not you are in your dream job, or whether you have a plan! Leave me a comment!

Thanks for reading! Xx

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