Leaving my job…

Hey Lovelies! After a few weeks of not working I thought I would give you all a quick update as to what is happening in our lives. I haven’t given an update as to what has been happening in our lives personally so I thought it might be nice to be on a personal level with everyone. So here goes!

I was working as a Sale Administrator at my previous job since December 2014. I started out as an apprentice, went on maternity leave and then returned as a full-time sales admin. I loved my job, enjoyed working there and they were great when it came to me having to be off with Kiah. As time progressed I started to realise that most of the staff were unhappy with the employers and were telling me how the wage was terrible and it won’t be going up. They also complained that the management wasn’t very good and there was no progressive opportunities. This made me think that maybe I should look for another job, somewhere that offers me a little bit more.

I was on minimum wage but knew a lot about the business – I had a lot of tasks I had to complete. With knowing so much I discussed with Gareth that my knowledge may be quite valuable and maybe I should ask for a pay rise. I was going to ask for this in the January appraisals at the start of 2017, however, the appraisals never came around – I thought this was quite unprofessional and this pushed me to look for another job. I wasn’t having any luck.

Whilst working at my previous employers Gareth was getting a lot of messages from fake Facebook accounts. We shortly discovered that it was someone from work but didn’t know who (we knew they were working with me because they would message him things that I was doing at work.) Gareth finally confronted me about this after getting them for 3 weeks. The day after he told me I went into work and burst into tears telling my manager. She was immediately concerned as it was happening in work hours and someone was taking time out from their work duties to message Gareth. A lot of you will be thinking – why didn’t Gareth block this person? He did, they kept making new accounts. They would ask him whether the next baby would be his or *listing every male that worked with me* be someone elses, they would tell him I was cosy with one of the guys from the factory and generally try to start trouble between us.

Things at home were tense even though we were trying to move past this and forget it was even happening. My managers were great, they were trying to get to the bottom of who it was but they never found out. I began to dread going to work, became increasingly depressed to the point I would just cry every time I was alone. I started asking Gareth at least 20 times a day if he still wanted to be with me, he did. It affected my work and I found it hard to be around anyone at work when I didn’t know who it was trying to break me and Gareth up.

On 10th of March I woke up feeling incredibly sick, I didn’t want to move from my bed. I called in sick and then told Gareth that I was going to email my notice to my managers. He asked me not to but I had made my decision, I shortly emailed over my resignation. After a whole day of crying and looking horrible I pulled myself together. I rang my old boss – from the chip shop – and asked if he had any jobs. He was happy to hear from me and asked me to go and speak to him, he then gave me a job. I had 3 weeks off in the meantime and start on Monday 3rd April which I am highly excited about!

We still don’t know who sent the messages but have put all of that behind us and are moving forward with our lives! We have lots planned and are excited for all of the experiences to come! Please let me know if you have experienced a huge change in your life recently!

Thanks for reading! Xx

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