The Mysterious Affair At Styles…

Hey Lovelies! Last week we took Kiah to get our library cards. Her very first visit to the library and she loved it! As did I. She chose 3 books and I chose 2 – A Leap Of Faith by Trisha Ashley and The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie. I have always loved the TV show Agatha Christie’s Poirot so decided that the books would be just as brilliant. I thought I would do a quick book review as I would love for more people to read it! So her goes!

The Mysterious Affair at Styles is the first in the Poirot series, it’s his first case. The introduction to the characters that will be followed in the book is nice and thorough so you get a real feel for each character and can picture everyone in your head. This book is narrated by Mr Hastings. He is aged 35 and was injured at war so has returned to England to “rest”. This book is based in the era of the 2nd World War in Styles, Essex. It’s mid Summer and Hastings bumps into an old friend who invites him to stay at the gorgeous house in the country in which terrible happenings occur. He takes John up on the offer and sets off to go and stay at his home.

Whilst there we begin to get a feel for the characters, an understanding to who each person is and await for the crime to be committed. I will not go into much further detailing as to what happens as I want more people to pick up the book so I shall leave it at that. We soon get introduced to the magnificent Poirot, a reputable private detective who was the best in his field. He is a small, Belgium man with a tremendous mustache and a great personality. Throughout this story we are led to believe that Hastings is certain Hercule Poirot is losing his mind slightly with age, but we are promised that he will solve the case with the help of his dear friend.

As I have never read Agatha Christie before I must say, I admire her work! She is a fantastic writer but her stories aren’t too complex which is brilliant if you are looking to ease yourself into crime novels like I am. Her stories really come to life and I must say that I was very reluctant to put this fantastic book down meaning I read the 297 pages in just  days which is quite fast considering I have a busy life! The story is gripping from start to finish and I really wish that I had picked up the next in the series when I was in the library as I am looking forward to reading more. It really is the perfect starting point for anyone looking for a good read that holds humour as well as crime solving.

The only thing that would have made this book slightly better may have been to add a few more “misleading” clues as I was quite confident that I knew who the criminal was from the start… Ooops!

I really recommend picking this book up and giving it a read. It may be the perfect holiday book to read whilst you are travelling or relaxing on the beach. I let hours pass by me whilst enjoying this novel and I cannot wait to indulge in the rest of the series! If there are any books that you recommend or you have an opinion on the Agatha Christie books please let me know below!

Thanks for reading! Xx poirot

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