A No-Spend Weekend…

Hey Lovelies! I was sorting out my budget this evening as I am starting my new job fairly soon which means I will be starting our savings all over again. We have set ourselves “mini-budgets” to make sure we are getting a lot out of little spending (this will be a whole other blog post). Whilst looking at the previous budgets we’ve made I realised just how much I was over spending. With this in mind I thought about how I could save myself a bit of money during the weekend. After cutting out silly spends that were bulking around the end of the week I saw just how much we could save! I know you might be asking – but are the weekend spends things that are done as a family? A nice takeout as a treat? Maybe a glass or two of the nice stuff? Yes, it normally is, but I wondered that if we just had one no-spend weekend what else could we do? Here are a list of things I came up with:

  • Clean out your wardrobe! Do you really need those clothes that no longer fit you? You haven’t worn that top for about 3 years… Why not make a day of going through everyone’s clothes and seeing what you can get rid of? You could even turn it into quick money by selling any items of clothing that you don’t want or need! There are plenty of parent’s looking for a cheap clothes bundle you know! So instead of just saving money, you’ve gained some!
  • Go for a walk. It doesn’t cost anything to get out of the house for a couple of hours with the kids and the dog. Let them run riot and tire them out. They will have so much fun exploring that they might ask to do it more often – saves money in the long run!
  • Get crafty. Get the paints out, crayons, roll of paper and get drawing. This is great if you have kids because they will literally spend hours painting not only the paper but themselves too! Do you have any birthdays coming up? Get creative and make some handmade cards! I’m sure you have some left over jars somewhere! Why not turn them into cute storage jars or get the kids to make their own money jar – it’s always good to encourage them to save!
  • Have a movie day! This is one that we love to do. Cuddling up in blankets, watching family movies and pigging out. This is where we’d normally have a takeout, however, it’s just as easy to make some fajita’s, nacho’s and even shove a pizza in! Cheaper and so relaxing.
  • Move the room around. I am a person that loves change, I get very bored quite quickly. I am forever wanting to change my bedroom around or the living room but never seem to get a chance to. Having a no-spend is the perfect excuse to stay in and move the furniture around! Always makes me feel better having a good hoover under the sofa’s!
  • Gardening. Now that the weathers getting better you are probably looking at the garden in horror – how does the grass even grow that long!? It’s time to start weeding, sweeping and getting the grass cut. Even though are garden is small, this could take all day! It’s free, if you have kids they will love helping and the fresh air is good for cleansing your body!
  • Spring cleaning. This normally takes me a few days as I empty the cupboards and scrub them, wash all plates, bowls etc… that come out of the kitchen cupboards, scrub all of the floors, wash the curtains and net curtains… Everything gets cleaned until the house feels brand new again!
  • Go to the library. All libraries have a comfty kids corner so if you have children they can enjoy it too! Library cards are free and it’s a great way to get yourself and you little ones reading!
  • Get the board games out. I can’t remember the last time I had all of our board games out and played with them all day. I love board games too, they are so much fun! Maybe host a Cluedo night with your friends? What is a better way to spend a Saturday night other than trying to work out who killed Mrs Plum!?
  • Bake or try out a new recipe. Most of us will have baking ingrediants in the cupboard that are going unused – use them up! Try out different recipes and get creative with food!
  • Pokemon Go! If there’s one app that we were all loving, it was Pokemon Go! My childminder still takes the kids on long walks playing this game and I think it’s fantastic!
  • Get all of that washing and ironing done. I absolutely hate ironing and I am really good and leaving my washing until last thing on a Sunday. Why not get the washing done and stick it on the line to dry? Once it’s dried you can get the huge pile of ironing done and out of the way for the rest of the week!
  • Learn something new. Whether it’s a new language (use the free app Duolingo), yoga, a card trick or even origami! It’s always fun to learn something new, and you’ll never know when your new skill will come in handy!
  • Update your CV. Yes, this may sound rather boring but it will be worth it if you are asking for a pay rise or looking for a new job!
  • Make budgets. Again, another boring one but they are very useful. You can track what you have been spending, see how much you can save and finally work out when you can book that dream holiday!!

So this is my list of things I shall be doing on my no-spend weekend. I am hoping it will save me a lot of money and I will be much closer to moving house (again) and booking our Amsterdam holiday!!

If you have more activities that I could add to this list then please let me know! I would love to give them a try!

Thanks for reading! Xx


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