100 things on my bucket list…

Hey Lovelies! I am in such a positive mood today so I thought I would share my bucket list with you. For those that don’t know what a bucket list is – it’s a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket”. I have quite a lot on my bucket list because I believe that everyone should do everything they’ve ever wanted to do! I started this when I first turned 16 and I always add too it. Some of the things on my list ill have to wait until Kiah has grown up e.g. Go on a road trip with my friends. My list is in no particular order!

I have written this with the intention of inspiring others to create a bucket list and work towards everything they love! So here goes!

  1. Get my driving licence
  2. Get married
  3. Buy my own house
  4. See the Eiffel Tower
  5. Have my dream job
  6. See the Grand Canyon
  7. Go on a road trip with my friends
  8. Go to a drive-in movie
  9. See the Roman Colosseum
  10. Participate in a Colour Run
  11. Watch the sunrise on the beach
  12. Go to Disney World Florida
  13. Experience Christmas in New York
  14. Visit the Great Wall of China
  15. Swim with Turtles
  16. Swim with Sharks
  17. Swim with Dolphins
  18. Visit Niagara Falls
  19. Go scuba diving
  20. Visit Italy
  21. Write myself a letter and open it in 10 years
  22. Visit the Walk of Fame
  23. Visit Amsterdam
  24. Visit Paris
  25. Get a full sleeve tattoo
  26. Have a beach bonfire
  27. Ride a gondola
  28. See the Great Pyramids
  29. Ride in a helicopter
  30. Visit the Lock Bridge in Paris
  31. Go ziplining
  32. Go to Hawaii
  33. Ride a jet ski
  34. Visit Canada
  35. Go on an African Safari
  36. Visit Times Square
  37. Take a picture with the Hollywood sign
  38. Visit New Zealand
  39. Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands
  40. Replace my entire wardrobe with clothes I love
  41. Camp on the beach
  42. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome
  43. See the Statue of Liberty
  44. Go on a cruise
  45. Visit Fiji
  46. Drive down route 66
  47. Visit Machu Picchu
  48. Go skinny dipping
  49. Visit Pompeii
  50. Visit Japan
  51. Go skydiving
  52. Plant a tree
  53. Visit Costa Rica
  54. Visit Dubai
  55. Visit Switzerland
  56. Take a photo everyday for a year
  57. Visit Australia
  58. Ride in a hot air balloon
  59. Go to a rave
  60. Make my own melted crayon art
  61. Visit St Lucia
  62. Go hang gliding
  63. Start a Youtube channel
  64. Visit Iceland
  65. Travel the whole of America
  66. Watch all of the Disney movies in one long marathon
  67. Adopt an animal from an animal shelter
  68. Visit Germany
  69. Go on a completely spontaneous adventure
  70. Leave a huge tip at a restaurant
  71. Drink from a coconut
  72. Buy a homeless person a meal
  73. Die with no regrets
  74. Adopt a child
  75. Have my own personal library in my house
  76. Try spaghetti tacos
  77. Try every Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavour
  78. Do the Princess Experience
  79. Be a zookeeper for a day
  80. Be the best parent I can be
  81. Host a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan
  82. Host a Halloween party
  83. Go rock climbing
  84. Visit Russia
  85. Visit Maldives
  86. Write a letter on Juliet’s wall in Verona, Italy
  87. Go whale watching
  88. Visit the 7 wonders of the world
  89. Go to a Demi Lovato concert
  90. Visit Greece
  91. Visit Auschwitz
  92. Visit Alcatraz
  93. Visit China
  94. Watch a meteor shower
  95. Visit Alaska
  96. Visit Africa
  97. Write and publish a book
  98. Go to Harry Potter world
  99. Become healthier
  100. Do everything on my bucket list!

I hope this inspires you to write your own bucket list and enjoy life! Remember, we weren’t born just to pay bills and die! Live you life full of love! If you have a bucket list let me know what’s on it! Is there anything on my bucket list you would love to do?

Thanks for reading! Xx

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