10 Things I hate about “adulting”…

Hey Lovelies! After being sat at my desk for a fair few hours working out budgets and schedules and what not I decided to do a post dedicated to such things. The things I hate about adulting… Heres all 10 of them!

  1. Bills – Don’t you just hate it when you see the amount of council tax that you have to pay? £1200 for the year? What is that even paying for… Luckily we can break that down to monthly amounts but with all of you other bills on top you are looking at paying around that amount out each month anyway!
  2. Missing bin day – The heart ache you feel when you wake up to the sound of the bin lorry driving down your street, knowing you forgot to put the bin out the night before! If I am paying so much council tax, why does my tiny little bin only get collected once a fortnight? I’ve now got to jump down the bin until I can do a dreaded skip run!
  3. When people are due to come over but the house is a mess – You always find yourself running around trying to collect all of the washing up and hoover everywhere as quickly as you can. Why do I arrange for people to come to my house when it has reached its peak in untidiness!?
  4. Forms – One of the biggest reasons I hate moving house is not the packing and unpacking, not the cleaning but is the form filling that you have to do surrounding the move! Doctors forms, tax credits forms, housing forms, emergency contact forms…. Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing half of the time… They never taught me this is school…. Do I circle the correct title? Scribble the wrong titles out? Where is the form filling masterclass?
  5. Food shopping – Have you ever tried to do food shopping with a 1-year-old? No? Don’t! There are things in my trolley at the end of the shop I would have never ever have thought to buy. The best thing she’s added to the trolley was probably anal condoms… The cashier staring at me whist I struggle to find somewhere to put them so I don’t have to buy them was most awkward…
  6. Unpacking the food shopping – Why is it that whenever you unpack the food shopping you realise that most of the food you bought has seemed to miraculously changed its best before date whilst in the bag… I have bought all of this food and only have 3 days to eat it? Challenge accepted.
  7. Putting the washing away – This is so energy and time-consuming… Not only has it taken 5 hours to wash and dry the dark washing, you now have to separate it into different piles for the different people, put it on hangers or fold it and then put it away… Can you hire someone just to put washing away?
  8. Creating budgets – Whether its food shopping, clothes shopping, bills or savings I must have a budget… But I hate sitting there, going through finances, deciding on budgets. What if I go over or there is an unexpected bill and I can’t stick to the budget? My whole system is messed up then. Plus it takes a whole evening of not talking to anyone just to calculate everything!
  9. Making a bed – My mom always used to change our bedding when I lived at home, but I don’t anymore so I have to change my on. I’m fine with the fitted sheet and pillowcases but the duvet cover is bigger than I am! Is there a course I can take to show me the cheat way of changing the duvet? I must be stood there a good 10 minutes shaking the thing out so that it is not gathered in the middle of the cover…
  10. Life in general – When I was younger I had life so easy, no stressers, lots of friends, a huge imagination and now I’m 20 with a child and a few grey hairs. There are so many daily stressers, whether it be work, money or just not having enough hours in the day… Take me back to when getting caught in Cops and Robbers was the worst thing that could happen!!!

I would love to hear all of the things that you hate about adulting! Do you agree with anything I’ve listed? What else ould you have listed?

Thanks for reading! Xx

2 thoughts on “10 Things I hate about “adulting”…

  1. I nodded to everything on your list absolutely hit the nail on the head! Bills washing budgetting…and bloody bin day!! Today i missed putting the bin out so thats another two weeks of over flowing nappies erugh!!
    Thanks for such an enjoyable.post 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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