3 Trips I am planning!

Hey Lovelies! In spirit of the warmer weather I have decided to start planning a few holidays for next year. We aren’t going abroad this year due to having to pay a couple of people back still and because of the change in jobs we have had. We will still be going to the Isle of Wight as I do every year to see my family but will be waiting to travel abroad until next year. I thought I’d list the three places I am planning on travel to in the next couple of years, so here goes….

  1. Amsterdam!!! Gareth has mentioned quite a lot about going to Amsterdam with his brother and their friend. They were planning this last year but never put it in to action. Gareth and I have never been away abroad together so I thought I’d plan it for next year as it sounds pretty awesome. I am hoping we can go next year for our 4th anniversary for a long weekend. I am hoping that it will be me, Gareth, Lewis and their friend Connor and we can take a walk around Amsterdam and experience the city’s life for ourselves! amsterdam
  2. The second place I am planning, which we will be travelling to in September 2018, is Lanzarote. It will be our first family holiday abroad in the sun so I am hoping to spend a lot of time near the pool and on the beach. I know a lot of people who have visited Lazarote and have recommended going for a family holiday as it isn’t too hot nor too far to travel. I’ve had a look at a few hotels near the beach so it’s making me very excited. I also want to visit the Flamingo Resort and I also want to go on a camel ride! That’s definitely 2 of the things we are going to do!flamingos
  3. The last place I have planned in Paris. This won’t be until March 2018 as it will be our 5th anniversary. We will be going for a week and Kiah will be going to Disneyland Paris for a day or two. I’ve always wanted to visit Paris, ever since Carrie moved there and Big swept her off of her feet all over again. I’d love to spend a couple of days shopping and treating myself in little cafes. I’d also love to visit the Eifel Tower and the Lock Bridge too. I’ve had a look at some hotels right in the centre of Paris, they are a little more pricey but it will be so worth it for the week.paris

I would absolutely love to hear about the trips you have planned! Is there anywhere in places I’ve listed above that you recommend me going to? Do you have any perfect holiday destinations that I can add to my trip list? Leave your comments below!

Thanks for reading! Xx


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