Where did I go?

Hey Lovelies! I’ve been away for a little while so I thought I’d just update you as to why I went before I post my next post! 

I’ve come to a point in my life where things have become very difficult and I am considering change. Gareth and I are stronger than we’ve ever been, despite minor hiccups which were unfortunately out of our control. Work has been hard as there have been issues surrounding my workplace that I have discussed with management to try and work through it – thankfully they are very helpful and supportive. But with only having 2 kind of lives – my home life and work life – I can’t help thinking that if unhappiness lies within one part of my life it will effect the whole of my life. This is where I’ve considered change.

I’ve considered asking for a new work role. I’ve considered cutting my hours down. I’ve also considered leaving all together. They are 3 major changes that may or may not help with the issues I’m having but because I’ve been considering these I haven’t been able to focus my mind on my blog. Blogging is something that I love, something that makes me happy and helps me connect with people and I don’t want anything to ruin that happiness so that’s why I haven’t posted for a while. 

I will be back with blog posts again shortly! I am hoping that I can gain more interest, reach out to more people and share my stories and experiences with you all!

Thanks for reading! X

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