Why Sex and the City healed me…

Hey lovelies! It’s Tuesday and I’ve already had enough of this week on top of a very rubbish last week. I started out with not having much sleep, began to become an emotional wreck and took to Pinterest to find the perfect quotes that expressed just exactly how I felt. Of course, there’s nothing more therapeutic than screaming into a pillow, putting on your favourite pyjamas and watching your favourite movie or TV show. It was this evening, after adding a new board to my Pinterest, that I realised just how much my favourite shows help.

I’ve always loved Sex and the City. I admire the characters, adore New York and think that every female should watch at least one episode. If it’s not something you’ve watched before, don’t assume it’s just a show about sex. I mean, yes sex comes into it, but it’s so much more than that. It’s friendship, relationship, fashion and finding yourself. It’s realising that there is a part of us that relates to each and every character. Whether it’s Samantha and her lust for sex, Charlotte and her idea that there is a soulmate for each and every one of us, Miranda and her belief that women really do run the world, or Carrie and her complete mindset on it doesn’t matter what happens, best friends are our true soulmates. 

So, on Thursday night, I decided to watch SATC a over again – not in one night, there’s not enough hours for that. I felt like I needed something to give me a lift. I got in my favourite pyjamas, snuggled down next to Gareth with Kiah in her cot and started my therapy. Watching it made me remember everything I dreamt of before I found myself in love and with a child. It made me remember wanting to run away to New York and release my inner Carrie by writing a fantastic novel or article about life. It made me remember how I dreamt of an apartment which was all open plan and natural wood with a huge walk in closet and bright statement walls. It then made me think about how even though I may not have that, there is nothing stopping me That’s the beauty with this show. It had that Go out and kick ass message – no matter what chase your dreams.

As I was watching the third episode I felt myself feel better. I felt my body slowly feeling a bit lighter and my mind a becoming a bit brighter. Sex and the City was my therapy and my way of healing, recharging almost. Is it sad? Yes, a little. Do I care? Abso-fucking-lutely not! (See what I did there?)  

So here is where I say, find your inner happiness, whether it be; exercise, a TV show or even a long bath and enjoy it! Heal your soul! Remember what you want and plan to go and get it. Here’s where I say, thank you Sarah Jessica Parker for playing such a fabulous character for making me remember just what I want. 

Wake up every morning with that Go and kick ass attitude and get what you want!

Thanks for reading! Xx

P.S – Abso-fucking-lutely is a Big quote…

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