A letter to my lover.

Hey lovelies! So yesterday was valentine’s day and I wanted to post this yesterday but I thought it might be a bit cliché and I wanted to spend time hugging in bed than posting. I thought I’d show my appreciation to my other half by dedicating a post to him. So, here goes…

Dear Gareth,

First of all I want to apologise for everything wrong I’ve ever done. No matter how big or small the mistake was, I am sorry. It’s hard being a young parent and some times I forget that you are in the same boat as me. I guess what’s hard is how much everything about me has changed. I used to have quite a lot of body confidence but now I have a crinkled tummy and stretch marks everywhere. I’m much more tired now, and instead of staying up all night talking about stupid things, I’d much rather be in bed asleep. I have a lot more responsibility on my shoulders, more than I used to. I used to be able to work two jobs, come home and fool around with you. Now I come home from my 9-5 and spend most of my night bathing with Kiah.

I know some times you feel like I’ve pushed you out, or replaced you, but the truth is I’m trying to raise our daughter correctly so that we gave time for ourselves later on in life. I’m trying to show you that despite being young parents, we are doing everything to the best of our ability! 

You do nothing but great me like a princess, whether it’s watching Kiah so I can have an hour long bath, taking her to the childminders, cooking or cleaning. You don’t have to shower me with gifts, we aren’t 13 and needing to “prove our love”. We are 20 and 21 and have our own house, jobs, bills, dog and child. We know that saying “I love you” might not be meaningful all of the time but we do know that that’s ok. 

We know that saying “babe, you’ve got a bogey” is the same as I love you. We know that washing the bath down after a shower because it’s covered in my hair is showing that we care. We know that listening to the same story over and over again may be boring but we do that anyway because that is what loves about.

So even though I may be the biggest pain in the world, don’t laugh at every joke and lose my rag some times, I do adore you. I’ve loved you since the moment I saw you and I’ll love you when we are old.

So thank you for loving me. Thank you for building a home with me. Thank you for giving me my child. And most of all, thank you for being just as amazing as you were the moment I met you! 

Love from me 💖

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