My Workout Routine

Hey lovelies! I thought I’d share with you my quick workout routine that is really easy to fit around my busy lifestyle! I’m hoping it motivates some of you mommy’s that may have a low self-esteem, don’t think they have enough time or just want to feel a little more energetic!

Normally my workout would be dragging my hoover from one room to the other, carrying washing baskets up and down the stairs and chasing a naked toddler around the house whilst trying to control a very excited Lurcher! But lately I’ve decided to put more effort into my exercise and actually make a small routine. It takes about 5 minutes out if my day and I can fit it in before I jump in the shower or as soon as I can get up.

So my routine is:

  • 30 second wall sit 
  • 12 squats 
  • 10 lunges (each leg)
  • 30 second plank
  • 10 sit ups

I do 3-5 reps of this. It’s not a professional workout and it’s not a full body workout but it is so easy to fit into my day and it makes me feel amazing! 

I will be extending this routine so if anyone has any suggestions on what I can add then please leave them in the comments below!!

Thanks for reading my post! X

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