10 Facts About Me

Hey Lovelies,

I thought I’d start my new blog off with 10 facts about me. This way you get to know me through the random facts I’ve listed below!! So here goes…

  1. I’m a mom to one beautiful 13 month old little girl, Kiah. I became a mom 4 days after my 19th birthday and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Being a young mom is hard but it is so amazing to see just how much you have achieved in such a short time on this planet.
  2. I’ve always loved writing. From primary school all the way up to my 20th year I have wanted to write and share my work with everyone. I joined a website called https://www.quotev.com/ where I published a few unfinished stories and I had a lot of great reviews for what I wrote – *a little bit of boasting*
  3. My favourite shows are – The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Sherlock and Orange Is The New Black. I spend most of my time waiting for the show to re-air or re-watching old episodes (series) over and over again, which my other half is obviously thrilled about.
  4. I’m a really proud parent and pet owner. I boast all over my social media’s about how brilliantly clever my daughter and dog are. My daughter started walking at a really early age – 9 months old – which I was delighted to share with everyone. My puppy makes me so happy, even though I can get stressed at her she cheers me up when I am feeling so down in myself.
  5. I suffer with anxiety and depression. Some days are worse than others and I try to hide/fight it a lot but it is hard. I have suffered for almost 7 years and in 2013 I decided to get help and see a counsellor but stopped going after 3 months, I wish I hadn’t.
  6. I didn’t finish my A-levels but intend to. I’ve recently decided that I need to work towards my goals and my dream career so I’ve been looking at studying my A-levels from home. I’m looking at studying psychology, English combined and I have no idea what third course to take. I’d love to either go down the psychology route or teach English in a secondary school.
  7. I’m all about goal setting and planning. I love lists, mind maps and step-by-step plans. Whether it’s a meal plan, what my tasks are at work tomorrow or saving plans I have a list and an end result goal set. I’ve always believed that having a goal and a plan will result in a positive outcome! Guess who didn’t forget a single thing when packing their hospital bag!
  8. I believe in a spiritual life. Not everyone believes in ghosts but I do. I’ve had many personal experiences which I have tried to make sense of but just can’t. I believe in guardian angels too and that they leave us messages and signs throughout our lives. I have seen psychics, had my cards read, have my own cards and would absolutely love to go on a ghost hunt with a paranormal team.
  9. Pinterest is my favourite social media platform. I blame it for the fact I already have my wedding planned and haven’t yet had a proposal, for my new-found love for interior design, my overwhelming tattoo addiction and my obsession with Tammy Hembrow. I have a ridiculous amount of boards and a good follower base which just tempts me to use the app more.
  10. Even though I’m young I’d love to have another baby. I’ve always said that if I have children I want them close in age. I was already planning a second baby when I was still pregnant with Kiah but unfortunately didn’t manage to conceive. I would love to get pregnant again by the end of this year, it would be a dream come true.

I am hoping that these facts reveal a bit about me! I’d love to know something about you so please leave a fact about yourself in the comments along with a goal that you have!

Thanks for reading my post! X


2 thoughts on “10 Facts About Me

  1. Hey there, very nice to meet you. I wanted to be a young mom (my mother had me at sixteen) but that didn’t happen. Then I said I would have one at 25 and I’m 25 now, so that is not happening yet. I think that next year might be my year. We have a lot in common. I also suffer from anxiety and depression and I’m very open about it on my blog. We can talk and share experiences, would you like that? I love your daughter’s name and I really .hope you get pregnant with your second babe soon! I will looking forward to new posts 🙂


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